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Revocation Existence Is Futile (Green Vinyl) 12"

Revocation Existence Is Futile (Green Vinyl) 12"

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Release Date: October 6, 2017

01. Enter the Hall
02. Pestilence Reigns
03. Deathonomics
04. Existence Is Futile
05. The Brain Scramblers
06. Across Forests and Fjords
07. ReaniManiac

08. Dismantle the Dictator
09. Anthem of the Betrayed
10. Leviathan Awaits
11. The Tragedy of Modern Ages
12. Death in Vain (Bonus Track)

Vinyl Features:
+ Green Vinyl
+ Single Jacket
+ Full Color Insert
+ European Import (Limited to 100 Copies)

Metal Blade Records Item #155408
Code: Revo-EIF-2017