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Municipal Waste The Fatal Feast 12"
The Fatal Feast

Municipal Waste The Fatal Feast [Limited Edition] 12"

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Municipal Waste "The Fatal Feast" on Yellow/Green splatter vinyl LP! Limited to 1500 copies!

Side A:

01. Waste in Space (Main Title)

02. Repossession

03. New Dead Masters

04. Unholy Abductor

05. Idiot Check

06. Covered in Sick/The Barfer

07. You're Cut Off

08. Authority Complex

09. Standards and PracticesSide


01. Crushing Chest Wound

02. The Monster with 21 Faces

03. Jesus Freaks

04. The Fatal Feast

05. 12 Step Program

06. Eviction Party (bonus track)

07. Death Tax

08. Residential Disaster