Adrenaline Mob We The People 2x12"
We The People

Adrenaline Mob We The People 2x12"

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Release Date: June 2, 2017

Gatefold 2LP contains 4 bonus cover tracks (“Rebel Yell” + 3 songs from Dearly Departed EP) never before released on vinyl!

Hard rock icons Adrenaline Mob have had their fair share of challenges in the past but have risen to each & every one continuing to march forward yet again & again! Formed by guitarist Mike Orlando & vocalist Russell Allen they joined forces with drummer Mike Portnoy & bassist John Moyer to launch the band’s debut. The band eventually parted ways with drummer Mike Portnoy due to scheduling conflicts & brought drum legend AJ Pero into the fold. Only two years after the debut was released, the group was involved in a major vehicle accident while on the road with Avenged Sevenfold and Hellyeah. Then, in 2015, Adrenaline Mob lost drummer and long-time friend drum legend A.J. Pero to a heart attack while on tour with Drowning Pool. In 2017, Adrenaline Mob have now replenished the ranks with newcomers David Zablidowsky on bass and Jordan Cannata on drums for work on their latest effort, ‘We The People’.

Recorded once again at Sonic Stomp Studios over a year-plus period, We the People sounds huge. Each riff is massive, every drum hit a chest-thumping pound, and each line Russell vocalizes exudes unbelievable power and heart. Life-changing events may’ve halted Adrenaline Mob, but the group’s third full-length is proof positive they’re stronger now than they’ve ever been. Tracks like the raging ‘Blind Leading the Blind’, the big-hitting ‘King of the Ring’, the rhythmically wicked ‘What Do You Really Want’, and the rock radio-tailored title track evince purpose and authority. In every way, We the People puts the hard in hard rock. And the metal in heavy. Orlando was responsible for composing the music, engineering, recording, co-producing, mixing, and mastering and that all says one thing: the dude’s a beast. Along with the incredible talents & amazing voice of his co-producing partner Allen who is by far one of rocks greatest voices, the two seem unstoppable on We The People.

1. King Of The Ring – 0:04:22
2. We The People – 0:04:14
3. The Killer’s Inside – 0:05:53
4. Bleeding Hands – 0:04:55

1. Chasing Dragons – 0:04:10
2. Til The Head Explodes – 0:04:32
3. What You’re Made Of – 0:03:30
4. Raise Em Up – 0:05:06

1. Ignorance & Greed – 0:05:25
2. Blind Leading The Blind – 0:04:16
3. Violent State Of Mind – 0:05:07
4. Lords Of Thunder – 0:06:03

1. Rebel Yell – 0:05:07
2. Devil Went Down To Georgia – :03:29
3. Snortin’ Whiskey – 0:03:29
4. Tie Your Mother Down – 0:03:57