Sete Star Sept All Is Wrong LP 12"

Sete Star Sept All Is Wrong LP [Limited Edition] 12"

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Release Date: August 15, 2014

From SPHC Records:

What is a "noisecore song" anyway? 10 songs, 100 songs, 1000 songs, everything blurs right by you as brief moments of expression.  Our favorite Japanese grind crew threw two fingers in the air and wrote an 18-minute noisecore song a few years ago and released it as a tape.  Granted the difference between 1000 songs in 18 minutes and one singular 18-minute song may be kinda superfluous in this context, but I have come to appreciate the nature of this epic noisecore narrative piece.  It's a repetitive song that paints a certain kind of decay and 'falling apart' feeling that, yeah, really does just feel like musical destruction.

Side A
1. All Is Wrong     17:32

Side B
1. All Is Wrong (Accoustic Mix)     17:32

This limited 12" single is a vinyl re-release of this song that was originally seen as a tape and 3" CD.  Normal version on the A-side, and acoustic remix on the B-side.  Limited to 300 copies, 1 pressing.  Currently out of print.

SPHC Records (2014)

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