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Krokus Big Rocks CD
Big Rocks

Krokus Big Rocks CD

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Release Date: April 7, 2017

KROKUS is back with 12 cover songs and one new original song! BIG ROCKS' sound is full-on vintage power rock with a touch of blues and without any of the usual studio trickery.

Featuring songs originally by Led Zeppelin, Queen, Bob Dylan, Steppenwolf and many more. 1000% pure, buttkickin‘ Hard Rock!

1. N.I.B. (originally by Black Sabbath) (1:16)
2. Tie Your Mother Down (originally by Queen) (3:43)
3. My Generation (originally by The Who) (2:57)
4. Wild Thing (originally by The Troggs) (3:49)
5. The House Of The Rising Sun (originally by The Animals) (4:22)
6. Rockin’ In The Free World (originally by Neil Young) (3:49)
7. Gimme Some Lovin’ (originally by Spencer Davis Group) (3:33)
8. Whole Lotta Love (originally by Led Zeppelin) (4:27)
9. Summertime Blues (originally by Eddie Cochran) (3:32)
10. Born To Be Wild (originally by Steppenwolf) (3:53)
11. Quinn The Eskimo (originally by Bob Dylan) (3:35)
12. Jumpin’ Jack Flash (originally by The Rolling Stones) (4:18)
13. Backseat Rock N’ Roll (KROKUS original recording) (7:23