The Picturebooks Home Is A Heartache CD
Home Is A Heartache

The Picturebooks Home Is A Heartache CD

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Release Date: March 10, 2017

Living between Long Beach, CA and Hanover Germany, this Harley Davidson sponsored duo, will take their bikes and guitars on the road in 2017. The Picturebooks go to the darker brink where The Black Keys don’t dare to cross! With deep, resonating bass and drum grooves and electrifying buzz of humming steal guitars. The Picturebooks take you through a unique alternative route that places you in that dusty, desert sun beaten, bar with all the locals staring at you as you walk in.

01. Seen Those Days
02. Wardance
03. Home Is A Heartache
04. Fire Keeps Burning
05. On These Roads I´ll Die
06. I Need That Oooh
07. The Murderer
08. Zero Fucks Given
09. Cactus
10. I Came A Long Way For You
11. Get Gone
12. Bad Habits Die Hard
13. Inner Demons