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Svart Crown Abreaction CD

Svart Crown Abreaction CD

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Release Date: March 17, 2017

France’s rising death/black metal force returns with their most relentless album consisting of 11 tracks of punishing, diverse and blasphemous extreme metal ! While it may be measured—using Dante’s nine circles of Hell as a yardstick—in its attack, Svart Crown’s newest is more threatening on every level. It’s both clear and hefty as well as noisy and cold, elements often sought out but rarely obtained in death and black metal.

There’s something oddly disquieting about the lyrics to Abreaction. They lack the Euro-centric quality of lyrics past. Based on titles alone—such as “Carcosa”, “Transubstantiation”, and “The Pact: To the Devil His Due”—it’s evident Svart Crown are thinking outside the usual boxes. “The album’s vibe is focused on tribal aspects of African/voodoo ritual,” offers Le Bail. “That kind of celebration where you let it go, bringing out all the inner demons. This album is really cathartic. It helped me externalize a lot. From our band life to what happened in our country (all the attacks we’ve been through).”

1. Golden Sacrament (5:23)
2. Carcosa (3:44)
3. The Pact: To The Devil His Due (7:21)
4. Upon This Intimate Madness (4:38)
5. Khimba Rites (5:23)
6. Tentacion (3:34)
7. Orgasmic Spiritual Ecstasy (4:56)
8. Transsubstantiation (6:40)
9. Emphatic Illusion (5:43)
10. Lwas (1:10)
11. Nganda (6:08)