Soulburn Earthless Pagan Spirit (Special Edition O-Card) CD
Earthless Pagan Spirit (Special Edition O-Card)

Soulburn Earthless Pagan Spirit (Special Edition O-Card) CD

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Release Date: November 18, 2016

Dutch blackened Death Doom Metallers SOULBURN will soon release their newest, third studio album Earthless Pagan Spirit, which was recorded in The Netherlands at Harrow Studio, and also Double Noise Studio. It was then mixed and mastered by Magnus "Devo" Andersson at Endarker Studio in Sweden (Marduk, Ofermod, etc.).

Originally SOULBURN emerged after a first demise of Dutch death metal legend Asphyx in the mid 90's, when founding members Eric Daniels (guitars) and Bob Bagchus (drums) looked for a seperate outlet to unleash their mutual obsession with Bathory, Venom and Celtic Frost. After releasing a demo and the cult debut album Feeding On Angels via Century Media Records in 1998, which featured Wannes Gubbels (Pentacle) on vocals/bass, SOULBURN was put to rest when Asphyx returned with On The Wings Of Inferno (2000) with the same line-up. SOULBURN was dead, buried, but not they resurfaced 16 years laterin their new line-up featuring the core members of Eric Daniels (guitars) and Bob Bagchus (drums), teaming up with Twan van Geel (Flesh Made Sin, Legion Of The Damned) as vocalist/bassist and Remco Kreft (Grand Supreme Blood Court, Nailgun Massacre, Xenomorph) as the second guitarist for the release of The Suffocating Darkness.

The album's initial CD pressing comes packaged in a slipcase and contains the bonus track "The Last Monument Of God".

SOULBURN - "Earthless Pagan Spirit":

  1. Where Splendid Corpses Are Towering Towards The Sun
  2. The Blood Ascendant
  3. Howling At The Heart Of Death
  4. As Cold As Heavens Slain
  5. Withering Nights
  6. The Torch
  7. Spirited Asunder
  8. Diary Of A Reaper
  9. BONUS TRACK – The Last Monument of God

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