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Insomnium Shadows Of The Dying Sun CD
Shadows Of The Dying Sun

Insomnium Shadows Of The Dying Sun CD

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Release Date: April 29, 2014

INSOMNIUM was formed in 1997 in the town of Joensuu in eastern Finland by Markus H., Ville F. and Niilo. Throughout the following decade, the band went on to release four highly acclaimed albums via Candlelight Records, before signing with Century Media. Their latest release, Shadows Of The Dying Sun, is such an amalgamation of styles that pigeonholing them into a single category would be to rob the band of its true complexity and ignore the very essence of its sound. Recalling art-metal titans CULT OF LUNA at one turn and brutal visionaries AMON AMARTH at others, INSOMNIUM'S new output displays the true musical breadth of a band that has clearly come into its own on this, their sophomore release for Century Media, and sixth full-length overall. (2014)