Heaven Shall Burn Wanderer 2x12"/CD

Heaven Shall Burn Wanderer 2x12"/CD

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Release Date: September 30, 2016

Much like the artwork ranging from impressive and monumental landscapes to some intimate close-ups of nature HEAVEN SHALL BURN felt it was time to explore different sonics. After the crushing and mighty heaviness of “VETO”, which landed on No 2 of their native German album charts, HEAVEN SHALL BURN aimed for a slightly more transparent sound on “Wanderer” that is keeping the trademark intensity and aggression of the previous albums.



LP1         A            

  1. The Loss Of Fury              
  2. Bring The War Home     
  3. Passage Of The Crane   
  4. They Shall Not Pass        



  1. Downshifter      
  2. Prey To God      
  3. Agent Orange   


LP2         C            

  1. My Heart Is My Compass             
  2. Save Me             
  3. Corium
  4. Extermination Order     



  1. A River Of Crimson         
  2. The Cry Of Mankind