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Heaven Shall Burn Wanderer (Ltd. Digipak) 2xCD
Wanderer (Ltd. Digipak)

Heaven Shall Burn Wanderer (Ltd. Digipak) 2xCD

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Release Date: September 16, 2016

Much like the artwork ranging from impressive and monumental landscapes to some intimate close-ups of nature HEAVEN SHALL BURN felt it was time to explore different sonics. After the crushing and mighty heaviness of “VETO”, which landed on No 2 of their native German album charts, HEAVEN SHALL BURN aimed for a slightly more transparent sound on “Wanderer” that is keeping the trademark intensity and aggression of the previous albums.


For the “Too Good To Steal From”-CD the band compiled all cover versions they ever recorded since the band started their cooperation with Century Media Records in 2003. After its release on HEAVEN SHALL BURN’s breakthrough album “Iconoclast” the cover of Edge Of Sanity’s classic “Black Tears” quickly became a crowd favourite. Popularity has never been the driving force for their choice of covers, but rather paying tribute to some of their favourite artists and songs – no matter if they were coming from the realms of metal, alternative, punk or hardcore. HEAVEN SHALL BURN invited Frank Blackfire for a guest solo on their blistering cover of Sodom’s “Agent Orange”, which is available on all formats, but the standard Jewelcase and standard Digital Album. For their version of My Dying Bride’s atmospheric “The Cry Of Mankind” they got support from Aðalbjörn Tryggvason who added hauntingly beautiful melodic vocals to the final track on “Wanderer”. George “Corpsegrinder“ Fisher co-handles the  vocals on “Prey To God” with Marcus Bischoff while their friend Nick Hipa recorded some extra shredding for “Save Me”.


CD1:       Wanderer          

  1. The Loss Of Fury              
  2. Bring The War Home     
  3. Passage Of The Crane   
  4. They Shall Not Pass        
  5. Downshifter      
  6. Prey To God      
  7. Agent Orange   
  8. My Heart Is My Compass
  9. Save Me             
  10. Corium
  11. Extermination Order
  12. A River Of Crimson         
  13. The Cry Of Mankind


CD2:       Too Good To Steal From              

  1. Whatever That Hurts (Too Good To Steal From Edition)
  2. Valhalla (Too Good To Steal From Edition)           
  3. Black Tears (Too Good To Steal From Edition)     
  4. European Super State (Too Good To Steal From Edition)               
  5. Straßenkampf (Too Good To Steal From Edition)              
  6. Nowhere (Too Good To Steal From Edition)        
  7. True Belief (Too Good To Steal From Edition)     
  8. Not My God (Too Good To Steal From Edition)  
  9. Destroy Fascism (Too Good To Steal From Edition)          
  10. Dislocation (Too Good To Steal From Edition)     
  11. Auge Um Auge (Too Good To Steal From Edition)            
  12. Downfall Of Christ (Too Good To Steal From Edition)      
  13. River Runs Red (Too Good To Steal From Edition)