Dark Tranquillity Atoma (Gatefold) 12"/CD
Atoma (Gatefold)

Dark Tranquillity Atoma (Gatefold) 12"/CD

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Release Date: November 4, 2016

DARK TRANQUILLITY, has been and remains one of Metal's most influential, as well as longest standing institutions. Much of the origin and popularity of melodic death metal can be attributed to the trifecta of bands - Dark Tranquillity, At the Gates, and In Flames, whose early 1990s music releases defined the genre and laid the foundation for the Gothenburg metal scene, which would go on to influence countless sub-genres of music still thriving today.

Atoma, the band’s 11th full-length album, was recorded at Rogue Music in Gothenburg, the studio owned by D.T. keyboardist Martin Brändström. Mixing duties were handled by David Castillo, known for his work with bands such as Katatonia, Opeth and Candlemass. The cover artwork was once again created by the band's guitarist Niklas Sundin.

  1. Encircled
  2. Atoma
  3. Forward Momentum
  4. Neutrality
  5. Force of Hand
  6. Faithless by Default          
  7. The Pitiless
  8. Our Proof of Life
  9. Clearing Skies
  10. When the World Screams
  11. Merciless Fate
  12. Caves and Embers

Recorded and mixed by Anders Lagerfors at Nacksving studios, these tracks are among the darkest and most brooding ever from the band-but their experimental nature make them far removed from the usual metal territory.

The band explains, "A lot of our songs start out as pieces of music written on piano/keyboards before getting transformed into guitar driven metal. With this recording, we wanted to explore what would happen if we instead let the material take another direction, and we're extremely thrilled by the result."

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