Holy Roman Empire The Longue Duree CDs
The Longue Duree

Holy Roman Empire The Longue Duree CDs

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Holy Roman Empire combines influences like The Cure, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Hum with it's members' heavier core roots in Rise Against, The Hope Conspiracy, Shai Hulud, Arma Angelus, to create their own trademark female-fronted post-hardcore sound. Vocalist Emily Schambra lends her voice to Rise Against's "The Sufferer & The Witness", which is an impressive introduction to those who hadn't previously heard Holy Roman Empire. While many insist the underground music scene has grown stagnant over the past several years, Holy Roman Empire is dead-set on leaving its mark on the art form as the band harkens back to the grandiose and ebullient sounds of the aforementioned genre-defining bands, while managing to chisel their own niche into such fine company. Believe the hype.

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