Alestorm Sunset On The Golden Age Limited Digipak 2xCD
Sunset On The Golden Age Limited Digipak

Alestorm Sunset On The Golden Age Limited Digipak 2xCD

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Release Date: August 5, 2014

ALESTORM are back with their new and outstanding album â??Sunset on the Golden Ageâ??. Catchy songs with an abundance of parrots and eye patches showcases the piratical life on the seven seas. A real treasure for pirates and rum-loving landlubbers! Captain Christopher Bowes and his crazy crew are sailing through `Bacon Powered Pirate Core´ with sleek keyboard riffs influenced by Folk Metal and classical Power Metal. Alestorm has again completed a brilliant performance in the studio and presents us a skillful follow-up to their third studio album with this new masterpiece. Cast off and Ship AHOY!

Limited edition digipak includes a second bonus CD, featuring acoustic tracks of favorites from the bands catalog.


1. Walk the Plank
2. Drink
3. Magnetic North
4. 1741 (The Battle of Cartagena)
5. Mead from Hell
6. Surf Squid Warfare
7. Quest for Ships
8. Wooden Leg
9. Hangover (Taio Cruz Cover)
10. Sunset on the Golden Age

Bonus CD:
1. Over the Seas (Acoustic Version)
2. Nancy the Tavern Wench (Acoustic Version)
3. Keelhauled (Acoustic Version)
4. The Sunkâ??n Norwegian (Acoustic Version)
5. Shipwrecked (Acoustic Version)
6. Questing Upon the Poop Deck (Bonus Track)

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