Gwar Ragnarok CD

Gwar Ragnarok CD

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Release Date: March 20, 1998

1. Meat Sandwhich
2. The New Plague
3. Whargoul
4. Ragnarok
5. Dirty, Filthy
6. Stalin's Organs
7. Knife in Yer Guts
8. Think You Outta Know This
9. Martyr Dumb
10. Nudged
11. Fire in the Loins
12. Surf of Syn
13. Crush Kill Destroy
14. None but the Brave

Ragnarök is essentially a heavy metal album and it is spiced with a story about the end of the world. The story involves Oderus and his alien sister Slymenstra being forcibly mated with the aid of rogue space aliens. Meanwhile, a comet hurdling towards planet earth is inciting the populace to revolt, and anarchy has set in all over the globe. An AIDS-like plague has crippled the masses ("The New Plague" is sung, by Dave Brockie, as a human with AIDS), who await the meteor's arrival and their subsequent death. However, it turns out that the comet is actually Cardinal Syn, a robotic agent of harsh Catholic dogma. Syn is representing the Warrior Pope, who is demanding that all bow down to him and obey his insane whims. But Syn is drawn to Slymenstra's alien baby, for a reason that is left for the listener to uncover...

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