Grand Magus Grand Magus CD
Grand Magus

Grand Magus Grand Magus CD

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Release Date: September 28, 2010

1. Gauntlet
2. Legion
3. Never Learned
4. Black Hound of Vengeance
5. Coat of Arms
6. Generator
7. Wheel of Time
8. Lodbrok
9. Black Hole
10. Mountain of Power
11. Tale of the Unexpected
12. Grand Magus

After a very successful split single with Spiritual Beggars on Southern Lord, Doom-blues power trio GRAND MAGUS see their self titled debut album issued through Rise Above Records/The Music Cartel. Obsessed with classic hard rock, and lyrically inspired by war, struggle, revenge and the power of determination, these Swedish heavyweights unleash a slab of pure black magic rock.

Featuring crushing riffs, laid back grooves, brutal hooks, blues-laden solos and emotional vocals by Janne, the eponymous GRAND MAGUS is from start to finish a doomy blues fest. The songwriting is inventive and theres a nice, dry, wood-like quality to the sound. Fans of Spiritual Beggars, Spirit Caravan, The Obsessed and Internal Void will simply love this album, as it sets GRAND MAGUS apart from the average doom band. A most promising debut by one of the finest newcomers on the scene.

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