Fatal Embrace The Empires of Inhumanity CD
The Empires of Inhumanity

Fatal Embrace The Empires of Inhumanity CD

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Release Date: June 8, 2010

1. The Last Prayer (Intro)
2. Wake the Dead
3. Nothing to Regret
4. Haunting Metal
5. Another Rotten Life
6. Empires of Inhumanity
7. Into Your Face
8. Rapture for Disaster
9. The Prophecy
10. Way to Immortality
11. Ravenous
12. Killers

Fatal Embrace completed the recording of the album at Music Lab Studio in Berlin. The Empires Of Inhumanity, the band's strongest album so far, deals with the most extreme and horrible fears and pains of mankind, the deepest depths of the human soul, the eternal struggle between good and evil, the life consuming beast. The Empires Of Inhumanity will take every metal head on a trip to the battlefield of the armies of the undead, the darkness and the war between heaven and hell will have begun.

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