Neaera Omnicide - Creation Unleashed CDs
Omnicide - Creation Unleashed

Neaera Omnicide - Creation Unleashed CDs

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Release Date: May 26, 2009

1. I Loathe
2. Prey To Anguish
3. The Wretched Of The Earth
4. Grave New World
5. Age Of Hunger
6. Caesura
7. Omnicide
8. In Near Ruins
9. The Nothing Doctrine
10. I Am The Rape

In January 2009 the band entered Rape of Harmonies Studio to record Omnicide - Creation Unleashed, with producer Alexander Dietz at the helm. Mixing and mastering was handled by world-famous metal mastering wiz, Zeuss, who gives this aural behemoth his usual seal of excellence.

The spawn of the Neaera, ROH, Zeuss collaboration is a 10-track beast of a record that captures the essence of what the band is about: brutal mosh parts, aggressive blasts and fierce melodies make for an album that has "pit havoc" written all over it. Lyrically, Neaera stick to their guns, combining socially and politically relevant topics with self-reflective and more personal-based approaches.

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