Psychotic Waltz A Social Grace/Mosquito 2xCD
A Social Grace/Mosquito

Psychotic Waltz A Social Grace/Mosquito 2xCD

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Release Date: April 19, 2004

CD 1 - A Social Grace
1. And The Devil Cried
2. Halo Of Thorns
3. Another Prophet's Song
4. Successor
5. In This Place
6. I Remember
7. Sleeping Dogs
8. I Of The Storm
9. A Psychotic Waltz
10. Only In A Dream
11. Spiral Tower
12. Strange
13. Nothing

CD 2 - Mosquito
1. Mosquito
2. Lovestone Blind
3. Haze One
4. Shattered Sky
5. Cold
6. All The Voices
7. Dancing In The Ashes
8. Only Time
9. Locked Down
10. Mindsong

Re-release of these long-out-of-print albums by progressive metal gods PSYCHOTIC WALTZ. Extensive, newly designed artwork incl. liner notes, lyrics and awesome graphics. Box set compiled by ex-members of the band, an absolute must!

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