Brainstorm Soul Temptation CD
Soul Temptation

Brainstorm Soul Temptation CD

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Release Date: July 25, 2003

1. Highs Without Lows
2. Doorway To Survive
3. The Leading
4. Nunca Nos Rendimos
5. Fading
6. Shivas Tears
7. Fornever
8. Soul Temptation
9. Dying Outside
10. To The Head
11. Rising

In March 2003, Brainstorm returned to the studio to record "Soul Temptation", the fifth album in their career. What followed the release can only be described as a triumph for the band: Several chart entries, a massive European tour and festival shows all over the world resulted in the band's definitive incorporation to the World's Champions League of Metal. BRAINSTORM had finally arrived where they belong - at the top!

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