The Ocean Precambrian 2xCD

The Ocean Precambrian 2xCD

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Release Date: November 27, 2007

CD 1
1. Hadean
2. Eoarchaean
3. Palaeoarchaean
4. Mesoarchaean
5. Neoarchaean

CD 2
1. Siderian
2. Rhyacian
3. Orosirian
4. Statherian
5. Calymmian
6. Ectasian
7. Stenian
8. Tonian
9. Cryogenian

THE OCEAN's Precambrian is composed of a mini-CD with 22 minutes playing time entitled 'Hadean/Archaean', and a full-length CD with 62 minutes playing time, entitled 'Proterozoic', both referring to successive geological eons within the Precambrian. The songs are divided into 5 subordinate eras, with the song-titles carrying the names of subordinate geological periods.

Logically, THE OCEAN's 'Hadean/Archaean' is brutal, invidious, complex in its arrangements yet simplistic in its instrumentation, and raw and unpolished in sound, continuing where Aeolian left off.

'Proterozoic' is the more tempered of the 2 albums; still erupting frequently and heavily, but at times yielding way to moments of beauty and sublimity in between. Elaborate in its musical ideas and multi-layered due to its massive instrumentation, dramatic in its arrangements and expansive in sound, »Proterozoic« is an ambitious album of truly epic proportions.

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