Into The Moat "The Campaign" CD

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1. The Last Century
2. From 1,000 Meters...
3. Advocate v. Activist
4. The Fuhrer
5. Grunt
6. Law Of Conservation
7. The Siege Of Orleans
8. The Hermit

INTO THE MOAT has not taken a new direction on The Campaign but has evolved as musicians, creating a more moody record which was attributed to the bands ever expanding taste in music. "The Campaign was written with more attention to detail. We are no longer just trying to play to our physical limits. This record still sounds like INTO THE MOAT, but one can look forward to more exploration of riffs, and melody. This record has a very organic sound, which is something we have always strived for. We did explore with layering on certain parts for dynamic affect. For instance; we experimented with having three or more guitars and more than one bass" Kit explains.

The Campaign, which is a concept album, was recorded at Mana Studios in St. Petersburg, FL with producer Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal, Soilent Green, Cannibal Corpse), who also happened to record the band's first full-length The Design. "Even back from the EP, Means by Which the End is Justified, we have had a plan for our albums. The Campaign is exactly what it states. It is the conflict, which is represented in the lyrics and the music as well. Each song is focused from a different view point on war and other conflicts."

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