One of the most bad-ass designs we've seen in a while from one of the most bad-ass up and coming bands, a perfect match.



Of all the unreadable band logos in metal, Wormrot has the most creative idea. If you look closely, you can find their name spelled out, all the letters are there. Also, the dude with his face melted in the shirt is an accurate depiction of how I felt after I saw these dudes live for the first time!


Drawing Circles

Guarantee you will be the ONLY dude at the show wearing a Textures shirt, and therefore guarantee you will be the coolest dude there.

Between The Buried And Me


About a year ago, I realized 90% of my closet is filled with black shirts. I make a conscious effort to seek out non-black apparel, and it's really hard to find cool shirts that aren't black. Well, BTBAM have nailed it with this design. What I like most about it is you can't immediately tell it's a band shirt. Their name is like an easter egg.

Napalm Death

Brink of Extinction

Sometimes you gotta go with a classic, and what t-shirt collection is complete without a Napalm Death Tee??


Face Rip Tie Dye

I do not think I have ever seen a more tasteful use of almost every single metal cliche on a shirt ever. This is a good shirt to wear when going to shows in groups, as you will no doubt be easy to spot.

The Black Dahlia Murder


If you do not like amazing-looking t-shirts, do not buy this one.

The Black Dahlia Murder

Phantom of the Future

It was really hard picking a Black Dahlia shirt I liked the most, as all of them have such amazing detail and all look incredibly metal. But ultimately, I went with this shirt depicting what I hope to one day be my futuristic liar.

The Faceless

All seeing

Because the band, like this shirt, rules.

Mumform Clothing

III. Rites

Not all metal shirts have to necessarily be band shirts right? Another great shirt that tastefully incorporates metal cliches we all love like skulls, swords, pentagrams and a sprinkle of blue fire.

Limited Edition

Appetite for Deconstruction

Reign In F'N Blog with your favorite MetalSucks writers on this classy t-shirt; Axl, Vince, Gary Suarez, Anso DF, Sammy O. and Kip W. are pictured in classy Appetite For Destruction style.

Limited Edition

Reign Injection

It's raining Metal Injection, from a lacerated sky! This is a limited edition shirt, so buy now before it gets trapped in purgatory.